Aufbau von regionalen Nahrungsmittelketten
Projektlaufzeit 2016-2020
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Many projects already have been realised on the subject of short supply chains. Almost all of them cover only small market volumes and a poor range of products. Therefore they cannot provide a solid business basis for entrepreneurs to earn their living and must be managed on a voluntary basis. Analysis of these projects shows the need a critical improvements:

1. Reach a critical mass to access and serve the market;

2. Stimulate regional networks and partnerships (connecting all members within the food chain);

3. Support entrepreneurs in developing new skills in production, processing, marketing, promoting and cooperating.;

4. Broaden the range of products.

 A roadmap of 5 steps

REFRAME takes up these challenges.

  • In a living lab (WP 3) of regional pilots, it will demonstrate the regional cooperative food frame, hereafter indicated as RFF. RFF will be proved to be an effective set of measures to accommodate food demands and supplies on a regional scale. It will provide a support infrastructure for food related SMEs to develop and implement smart specialisation strategies. All based on new data that reveal the regions’ own strengths and resources to match food demand by chained supplies from the region.
  • A transnational learning lab (WP 4) will be set up in support of skill development and training of all stakeholders. REFRAME pools the know-how needed to set up these regional frames in a transnational network of experts, each closely linked and footed in its pilot region.

 A set of comprehensive measures and outputs

Our main objective is to demonstrate the Regional Food Frame as a comprehensive set of measures to effectively support the sustainable and long term innovation potential for food related SMEs in rural areas in the NSR. These measures are linked to the specific objectives in our project:

1. Facts & figures: provide insight and knowledge on current volumes of regional food supply and urban demand and the mis(matches) between both → the Regional Food Map;

2. Business innovation: deliver strategies for supporting regional food related SMEs in finding smart specialisa-tions within the regional food chain → the Smart Specialisation Strategies, and the cooperative Regional Supply Proposition;

3. Policy: realise existing and set op new urban food policies and intentions to cooperate on regional level → the Urban Intentions to accept the regional proposition;

4. Regional organisation: set up a formalised cooperation structure and reliable agreements between regional suppliers and large scale consumers → the Regional Cooperative Agreement, the Regional Food Agency and the Regional Food Deal;

5. Skills: provide a durable transnational training and learning network online as well in educational curricula → the Regional Expo Centre, the Educational Modules and the RFF Resource Centre.

A complementary partnership

Within the food chain each of the REFRAME partners has its specific expertise to offer:

  • NL – Data mapping & regional cooperative arrangements
  • DK – Regional branding & waste management
  • DE –Smart food processing, awareness raising & communication
  • SE – Urban food policies and regional sourcing
  • BE – Smart and sustainable strategies (a.o. logistic planning, packaging)

In addition, every partner has experience in one or more elements and aspects of an RFF. By pooling this knowhow, every partner will arrive at the required position to launch its Regional Food Deal. We have visualised this in a table, which also illustrates the key aspects currently not available in the entire partnership and thus will be developed

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